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Island Empire Tech Systems (IETS) is a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) owned 8(a) business providing innovative and impactful solutions to our customers while supporting the social and commercial advancement of Native Hawaiians and their surrounding communities. IETS is a subsidiary of Island Empire Community Development, a Native Hawaiian Organization (NHO) who works closely with Federal Government Clientele to ultimately contribute economic growth for Native Hawaiian owned businesses, neighborhoods and foundations in hopes to accelerate the well-being and success of their people. Together, our mission is to improve the lives of Native Hawaiians by developing education and social empowerment programs. We are driven by our mission and operate our NHO with the same discipline, rigor and innovative spirit of our for-profit businesses.

IETS is committed to driving greater organizational and community impact by accelerating the evolution of next generation IT delivery and consulting capabilities; which also includes IETS's ability to advance the federal sector, enabling government agencies to leverage larger sole-source contracts ($22M to $100M) through the advantages of the NHO owned 8(a) Contract Vehicle.

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